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Started in 2000, realbuzz.com is our flagship healthy active living website. It brings together a combination of fitness tools, community platforms, and expert content to help our users find fitness challenges, achieve their goals, and share their story.

realbuzz.com offers

  • Wide range of expert articles on sports, fitness, food and healthy living
  • Vibrant community of inspiring bloggers sharing their stories
  • Exercise tools so users can train smarter, track and monitor their fitness
  • Mapping tool to plot and share favourite worldwide routes and locations

realbuzz.com audience

  • realbuzz.com is a powerful tool to help anyone of any age and ability to reach their health and fitness goals
  • Global audience appeal with users based in the UK, USA, Asia and the Southern Hemisphere
  • realbuzz.com audience is aged 18-45 (45% female/55% male)
  • Wide ranging; families and young mums wanting to get and keep fit, people wanting to lose weight, 5k to marathon runners, challenge event participants to cyclists


realbuzz.com connects with passionate healthy living enthusiasts:

450,000+ Monthly unique users
300,000+ Weekly newsletter subscribers
1,500,000 Monthly page impressions
3 minutes Average time on site